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In the practice of medicine (especially surgery and dentistry), anaesthesia is a state of temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness. A patient under the effects of anesthetic drugs is referred to as being anesthetized.
Anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient. There are three broad categories of anaesthesia :
General anesthesia : It suppresses the activity of the central nervous system and results in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation.
Sedation : It suppresses the central nervous system to a lesser degree, inhibiting both anxiety and creation of long-term memories without resulting in unconsciousness.
Regional Anaesthesia and Local Anaesthesia : It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses between a targeted part of the body and the central nervous system, causing loss of sensation in the targeted body part. A patient under regional or local anesthesia remains conscious, unless general anaesthesia or sedation is administered at the same time. There are two broad classes :

Peripheral blockade : It inhibits the sensory perception in an isolated part of the body, such as numbing a tooth for dental work or administering a nerve block to inhibit sensation in an entire limb.
Central, or neuraxial blockade : This administers the anesthetic in the region of the central nervous system itself, suppressing incoming sensation from outside the area of the block. Examples include epidural anaesthesia and spinal anaesthesia.

SMHV offers the complete range of facilities for Safe Child Birth along with a Safe Motherhood. For complicated deliveries SMHV is superior to other Hospitals as it has –
24 hour OT facilities
In house investigations
Trained nurses
Facilities for multispecialty panel consultations.Our Hospital also provides curative treatment for all kinds of Gynaecological problems.
Principal Procedures


Assisted Vaginal Delivery
Caesarean Section
Recanalization of Fallopian Tubes
Abdominal Hysterectomy, Ovarian disease operation like ovarian cyst, Dermoid removal.
Vaginal Hysterectomy with PFR
Wertheim's Hysterectomy
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Hysterosalpingography (HSG)
Diagnostic D/C (Dilatation & Curettage)
Dilatation and Evacuation (D/E)
Cervical Coagulation
Utrine preserving surgery like sling operation, fothergill’s operation
Cervical encirclage
Diagnostic procedure like endometrial sampling, cervical biopsy
Tubal ligation




Apart from high specialty areas such as Cardiac, Cardio Thoracic and Neuro-surgery, surgeons at Ruby also undertake a variety of relatively minor but popular repair work of the body like appendix removal surgery and thyroid surgery. In many cases patients can be released after a few hours on a day-care  basis surgeries. At the other end of the spectrum, there are emergency surgical cases for patients in intensive care or coming through the Emergency Department.
Principal Procedures

Appendix Removal
Hernia Repair

Mastectomy (Breast Removal)
Variose Vein
Diabetic Foot Surgery


Nephrology is a medical super specialty that deals with the functioning of and diseases related to the kidney. Kidneys are the sophisticated filtering units of the body. On an average, the kidneys of a healthy adult process about 180 litres of blood daily to dispose the extra water and waste material in the form of urine. Any alteration or dysfunction in the anatomy or the physiology of the kidney can cause acute or chronic renal (kidney) diseases which can seriously affect the functioning of the entire body.


We provide dialysis service driven by nephrologist, nurse, and certified dialysis technician. Peritoneal, nocturnal and short daily dialysis and haemodialysis are provided to both children and adults.


The Department of Radiology provides radiological services related to X-Rays and USG procedures. We have installed technologically advanced, state-of-the-art medical equipment in our endeavour to provide the best diagnostic output. The department consists of highly skilled technicians and radiologists.
Dr.Viraj Shah
MBBS, M.D(Radiodiagnosis)